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The primary goal is to encourage indigenous expressions of worship and to empower local leaders as they facilitate ethnoarts workshops. The team will lead local leaders in an ethnoarts workshop and equip them in the basic audiovisual skills needed for documenting new songs and dances. Then, the local leaders and OM Arts team will travel to a nearby village where the local leaders will facilitate an ethnoarts workshop. The OM Arts team will serve as mentors.

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Mon 15 Jun 2020 to Fri 26 Jun 2020 Apply by Tue 17 Mar 2020

Cost: 850.00 USD

Ages: 21 - 78

Ministry details:
“Ethnodoxologists study how peoples around the world worship God and encourage them to create in response to God’s work in their lives” (Robin Harris).

Attendees of this ethnoarts workshop are leaders and musicians in their churches. The team will facilitate an ethnoarts workshop to encourage Scripture songs and dances that are culturally relevant to the ethnic groups present. As part of this workshop, the team will record new songs and dances and mentor the participants in the skills needed to make simple recordings.

Certain key participants from the first workshop received ethnodoxology training in previous years. The goal on this project is to have them, first, experience an ethnoarts workshop

Participant profile:
All applicants must be flexible and able to adapt. Relationships are critical in the host culture, requiring team members to engage relationally with little time alone during the trip. In addition, we are looking for those qualified for several specific roles:

  • Leader-in-training: Applicant will be mentored under the team leader.
  • Ethnodoxologist: Applicant will facilitate and oversee the workshops. He or she should have academic training in ethnomusicology or ethnoarts, experience leading songwriting workshops, and be able to train others.
  • Audiovisual specialist: Applicant will need to bring his/her own equipment and have adequate skills to create demo-level recordings, able to adapt to any setting. Specialist will need to train local people in basic skills using equipment they already have in country, such as cell phones.
  • Intercessor: Applicant should have a passion for prayer.

All short-term project team participants will be expected to participate in pre-trip training/preparation.

The team will stay in hotels or host homes.

Meals will be at local restaurants or provided by the host. Please advise of dietary restrictions.

You will meet the host at the airport.

Please advise of any health concerns. Overall good health is necessary for this trip.

Although a visa upon arrival is available for citizens of many countries, we require that you obtain your visa prior to departure. Please check with your local visa office for application guidelines.