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Mission trip | Philippines | Sat 11 Jul 2020 to Sun 19 Jul 2020 | Apply by: Sun 10 May 2020

The goal of the project is to encourage culturally relevant expressions of worship through a workshop focused on songwriting and dance among tribal groups in Palawan, Philippines.

As an OM Arts team, participants will facilitate a workshop to encourage cultural expressions of worship. The team will provide training in biblical principles of ethnoarts, facilitate the creation of culturally relevant, biblically accurate songs and dances, and record the new material.

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Dates: Sat 11 Jul 2020 to Sun 19 Jul 2020 Apply by Sun 10 May 2020

Cost: 300.00 USD

Ministry details:
The team will lead attendees in an ethnoarts workshop using key principles of ethnodoxology as a guide. Subsequently, the team will record new songs and dances to make ready for distribution. Audioengineers and videographers should plan to complete post-production work by November 1st. We expect approximately thirty workshop attendees from eight communities across three language groups. Most of the musical instruments will be handmade locally.

Participant profile:
Proficiency in Tagalog is beneficial but not required. Applicant will need to bring his/her own technical equipment.

Leader-in-training: Applicant should be at least 21 years of age with previous cross-cultural experience and a background in the arts.

Ethnoarts Specialist: Applicant should have experience facilitating ethnoarts workshops. Academic training in ethnoarts is encouraged but not required.

Dancers and musicians: Applicants should be experienced dancers or musicians willing to learn and encourage local, indigenous expressions of worship.

Audio engineer: Applicant should have experience producing simple recordings.

Videographer: Applicant should have experience producing simple video recordings of dances.

Photojournalist/journalist: Applicant should have experience in photography and writing to document the trip for publication.

Intercessor: Applicant should have a passion for prayer.

The team will stay in Ethnos Tribal Missions Training Center.

The team will eat local food with the workshop participants. Please advise of dietary restrictions.

You will need to fly into Manila or Cebu. From there, you will fly to Puerto Princesa (PPS). The host will meet the team at the airport and then travel with the team to the workshop location.

Please advise of any health concerns. Overall good health is necessary for this trip.

Please refer to for visa requirements. Those from the USA can be in the Philippines for 21 days free of a visa. Requirements for other nationalities vary.

Please confirm dates prior to purchasing flights. All team members will be required to participate in two months of online preparation prior to trip departure.