written by Linda Wells 

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 In Luke 10:5-7, Jesus talks of a “Man of Peace” to be found each time His disciples entered a new town to share the Gospel. In 2007 on a trip to Albania during our “war room” worship and prayer, someone mentioned this verse, and we began praying to find such a man. My friend, Pat, said she had been in a park the day before, and an Albanian believer commented that an old man sitting on the wall was listening to a Bible study on his radio.

Later that day, we were driving to the local hospital to ask if we could pray for sick children (another part of the team had been painting a mural on the hospital entrance wall to bring joy and calm to the children who entered). As we drove, Pat suddenly called from the back seat, “Linda! There is the man who was listening to the Bible study! I recognize his bike!” Anyone would think I had done this before; the confident way I ordered the van to stop and Pat and the translator to join me. But it was certainly a “first.” We ran over to the man, and the translator explained why we were talking to him out of the blue. He seemed very bemused but was polite, and we arranged to speak with him the next day. We told him we had heard him listening to a Bible study and explained we were Christians. He was a Muslim.

The next day was disappointing as he never showed up to meet us, but while we were walking back to the church for dinner, he cycled by. I kid you not, I began running down the road! He stopped, and I tried to say we were disappointed that he never showed up to talk. He said he was reticent as he had never been spoken to by foreigners, particularly those who said God had told them to talk to him! We arranged to meet the next day, but I was unsure he would show up. Remember, this was all new to me, but my spirit felt such peace and assurance that we were on the right track. The next day, he did show up and took Pat and I behind some buildings to talk privately. What he said next nearly made me dance with exhilaration right there in that hidden back street and fall on my face with gratitude. He said: “I was not going to meet you as I was scared you were a weird cult.  I love God very much, but I have never heard of Jesus. Last night I had a dream, and God told me to meet you, as what you were telling me was true!” Go God!

Psalm 122 talks about God blessing a town and people because of the godly. We met Piro Dani once more, and he listened to us telling him about Jesus, the loving Son of God, intently. The next year, we returned as we were in the area (ha! Pat and I climbed aboard a propeller airplane in Bosnia after a Mission Outreach just to see dear Piro Dani). He was well, though he had been unwell (he was probably in his eighties). The infrastructure of his town was booming all around, and he told us in his gentle, God-fearing way that he “now knew Jesus.”

How I long to see him again in heaven. He will then know that his humble, God-fearing heart had brought peace and prosperity to his town.  

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