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4 Month Course over 2 Locations

Incarnate is an artist’s journey of discipleship, theology, and cross-cultural ministry.

  • Grow in your skill as an artist and understand the significance of your artistry in God’s eyes.
  • Learn the theology of creativity and arts in the kingdom of God.
  • ​Develop an approach for engaging the world through your artistic skill– particularly as a cross-cultural servant to the least-reached and marginalized.
  • You will learn from experienced cross-cultural artists practicing ministry in a variety of contexts while also learning to express, challenge, and encourage yourself and others in new ways through your art form.


Two-month residency of coursework, studio time, and community life.
Two-month placement collaborating with local artists alongside an OM team.

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The following tracks are currently offered. These categories are open to artists and genres from any culture.


February - June 2022
Residency: Taiwan
Placement: Various Assigned Locations
Applications open from January 2021