written by our colleagues at the Lichthaus Cafe 

In normal times, the Lichthaus Cultural Cafe in Halle, Germany is filled with cafe visitors, concerts, and workshops. However, in these COVID-influenced days, things have become a bit more complicated. When contact with others is supposed to be limited and the cafe isn’t allowed to run as usual, it’s hardly possible to fulfill the Lichthaus’s core purpose-- bringing people into community. In response to this, the Lichthaus team came up with a new idea to connect people in December: setting up an Advent calendar in the windows of the cafe. 

The Advent calendar has been on display since the first of December so that passersby can discover something new each day as they pass through the neighborhood. Daily a nicely packaged “door” is opened, in which something new can be discovered: new information or messages from organizations in the Lichthaus network, neighborhood happenings, messages from Lichthaus friends and employees, even people who rent the Lichthaus are contributing providing the opportunity to stay in touch despite regulations restricting coming together directly. Many different people are taking part in this project, so it’s always a surprise what will be behind the next door-- be it a creative idea, inspiring message, or information about events taking place. People are also invited to stop by the cafe’s to-go hours Wednesday through Saturday, where they can pick up a coffee and waffle or other treat to enjoy on their walk home. 

The LICHTHAUS is a cultural cafe in the heart of the beautiful city on the Saale River, fostering inspiration and community. This occurs through cultural events and diverse regional projects, like the cafe offering fair trade coffee and homemade cake. 


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