‘Who is He?’ 

'Who is He' is a series of two-plate etchings by Olga Coronovschi.

I thought about Jesus-

God and man,  

Lord and servant,  

Alpha and Omega

'My church was focused on bible study. I've always loved the scriptures, I've always read the scriptures. This is something dear to my heart.'

'I really like symbols. I research the symbol...a deeper meaning. It's powerful for me. This process means something for me.'

'...you can start conversations, tell stories through them...' And this is what Olga did...


1-'Maranatha' from 'Who is He?'

Here is God, one who will judge the living and the dead. Moments from Revelation.



2-‘The Man’

Pictures from Jesus' life, 'the beauty of the human life'. Baby Jesus in the stable. I researched bible plants; pomegranites, dates, figs...


Rege al regelor

3-‘King of Kings’

Symbolising us (sheep) being saved in the Kingdom of God represented by the New Jerusalem. There are precious stones, and various symbols in the windows; the lion of Judah, the bread, the vine.. I have fun with shapes, it is not based on Orthodox (architecture) though I am birthed in my culture. They are my own, stylised.



4-Servant, or ‘The flower with bitter roots’

Golgotha, thorns, spears the 30 coins of Judas. This tree (remeniscent of traditional Moldovan Tree of life carpets) has pictures of me and my colleagues from university in the branches!


'Lord let your Spirit move my hand, move my pencil.'

Olga Coronovschi is a professional artist from Moldova, who participated in OM arts Incarnate 2016. She is passionate about drawing from the scriptures, and creating prophetic art to encourage, comfort and strengthen others. See more of her beautiful work at https://www.olgacoronovschi.com/